Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Feeling of a Gaucho

The gauchos as we are known, we keep the past in our mind, the conquests, the defeats and a history of reason and pride. Among that, we carry the barbecue (churrasco) in our lives.
When we are very young, we learn the art of grilling, and today we expand that knowledge throughout the world. We love to see the color, the texture and the beauty in every piece of meat. For us, barbecue is not just placing the meat in the grill, it is a process that starts with the selection of the meat, then the seasoning, that is usually (for red meats) sea salt. Controlling the fire is a crucial step, the fire should be ready when the charcoal is very red and live, then we place the meat in the skewers, and cook it to the point we like, without letting it burn. Our barbecue is not bloody but it is juicy.

We always use charcoal because it gives the meat a different flavor and texture than using an electric or gas grill.
A true gaucho cultivates its traditions and likes to show the world its culture, its ideals, its dreams, its ups and downs that are the reasons of its pride and certainty the barbecue (churrasco), helps to keep alive the history of our ancestors.


  1. Esse sim é o verdadeiro churrasco, saudades bjs

  2. costela maravilhosa. faltou a sobre-mesa merengue tropical.

  3. Logo colocarei a receita do merengue tropical e depois de um bom churrasco com certeza vai ser uma delicia.