Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Followers,

I want to apologize for stop writing in my blog in the last few days. I went to Brazil, my native country. I visited my family whom for four years did not see. There I had the opportunity to live new experiences and to learn new things with my mother and friends. My family is a humble family of the rural area in southern Brazil, and with my father (Vitor) and my mother (Iolanda), I learned the principles of being an honest and hardworking person. My greatest joy is to see that my family is proud of every accomplishment that I achieved. In the course of the days, I will tell you my story and my experiences.

I should also mention my brother-in-law (Marcos), to whom I met for the first time and with whom I had the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about his culture from northern Brazil.His culture is very different from mine. I found his recipes very interesting, simple and very flavorful. Later on, I will share with you, all these experiences, because I consider them a new achievement. This trip was very important for me, I returned more relax and I am bringing a wealth of knowledge.

I want to tell you that I cannot do everything alone,  I have my wife (Ruby), my best friend, who supports me, helps me and makes me understand the importance of each step that I must take. With her, I have learned a lot, perhaps more than I expect. She is my guide; my inspiration, and for those and more reason I had to acknowledge her. If she was not at my side, I would not be able to be inspired to write what I learned in this journey.
"The happiness of the family is the most important thing for success"
To be continued…. 

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