Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chimarrão (Tradição Gaucha)

Chimarrão this word is big as its significance. To the gauchos and its followers, (Santa Catarina and Parana) this is a type of tea that we drink together with friends and family or even alone, and no matter where we go, we traditionalist gauchos take it everywhere.

I am an example of it. I left RIO GRANDE DO SUL in my very early years, but I carry the chimarrão as memories of where I was born and raised, and where I learned what being a true gaucho is, where I learn since I was small to cultivating this tradition. The chimarrão makes me feel at home, I mean in my RIO GRANDE DO SUL, because there anything can be missing but never a good mate (tea).

To make chimarrão, we use only the herb mate and hot water, this give us a lot of energy to start the day. These small customs and traditions make me feel more proud of the state where I was born, which for me it is my country, without disrespecting BRAZIL, but this is what I feel.

"I'm proud to be a gaucho above all"

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